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We have searched the internet to find contact information for immigration lawyers who practice in the United States.  The results of our search are included in this Immigration Lawyer Directory. We also have included some attorneys or law firms who have specifically requested to be listed in the directory.  The purpose of this site is to provide information on a nationwide basis to members of the public who are seeking an immigration lawyer. In listing immigration lawyers on this site, we make no representations as to the actual qualifications of any attorney who has been listed.  We also make no representations as to the accuracy of any statements made on this site about a listed immigration lawyer, and assert that all descriptive statements about listed attorneys have been provided by those lawyers during the process of being added to this site. To find an immigration lawyer who practices in a particular state, follow this link and click the appropriate state.

Our law office provides experienced, fast, and reliable U.S.A. Immigration legal services to individuals and corporations worldwide. With over 21 years of experience in the field, we provide the full range of U.S.A. Immigration legal services including, work visas, family and employment based Green Cards, Citizenship, and Deportation and Removal cases. We consider every visa case, whether large or small, our highest priority. Each of our valued clients receives 24/7 access to an experienced U.S. Immigration lawyer. Honesty, integrity, zealous representation, and personal attention to detail, are the hallmarks of our firm. All legal services of our firm are provided by experienced lawyers. Our vast experience in the field, enables our lawyers to develop unique solutions to the most difficult of immigration issues.